About Joseph

Joseph David Job was a decorated U.S. Marine, Air Force Reservist, and police officer serving his family, community, and country honorably.  Joseph suffered extreme social injustice while serving as a police officer.  Unbeknownst to him, his life went through a downward spiral to the mere things he strived to serve and protect against: drugs, alcohol, prostitution and corruption. 

Joseph David Job is a pseudonym in the guise of the actual author.  He chose these three names from important stories in the Bible.  Joseph, David and Job were used as his motivation to survive and continue living by a positive moral code.  Even after dealing with lies, deceit, and pure evil, Joseph has not waivered from his moral beliefs and positive mindset to this day.  Joseph wrote this book to help people, who are currently facing injustices, to give them inspiration that these are only obstacles one can overcome with the right mindset.  Joseph provides hope to the person when he or she feels that all hope is lost.
Veteran, Ex-Law Enforcement, Author of Blinded By Beauty